Can’t say “Thank You” enough



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LOVE, MAGIC || Friday the 13th || February 2015


Friday the 13th, February 2015

COST: $10

Doors open for the gallery at 6:06pm.

  • art  by Stephanie Rond, Kathryn Long, Jess Cavender, Nicole Garlando
  • music by Glory Hole, Bloodthirsty Virgins, Jan Avende
  • dance by MegLouise
  • local and non-local zine table hosted by Noah Demland

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Have you ever been to Feverhead?

Do you know why it’s special to us and many other people?

One of the things that makes Feverhead amazing is our openness to newness. New to dance? Dance with us. New to percussion? Jam with us. New to yoga, movement, joy … do that with us.

We have a punk-rock DIY philosophy. We honor the teachers, the pioneers, those who went before but we build on it, off the back, over to the left, and on top of it in surprising and independent ways.

An experiment for experiments.