Feverhead lives because of our Keyholders. We are grateful to each who has graced us with artistry, community, and support.

Nicole Garlando, owner/operator (co-founder 2011)
Noah Demland (co-founder 2011)
Fake Bacon Sketch Comedy (2014)
Tanya Bils (2014)
Rod Sewer (2015)
Kristen Malarkey (2016)
Josh Ramsey Hines & Kelly Hurlburt (2016)
Amanda Comstock (2016)

Jess Cavendar
Eve Hermann (owner/operator 2014-15)
Sharona Udoh
Scotty Kaltenbaugh
Phil Liddell and Michal Mitcheson
Leigh Lotocki
Amanda Platt
Maestra Dentista
Mulvada and family
Mindi Rhoades
Lindsay Caddle-Lapointe
Noelle Chun

CoCo Loupe opens the doors of Feverhead with a little help from her friends.

Feverhead was started in the summer of 2011 by CoCo Loupe (Baton Rouge) with Noelle Chun (Seattle), Noah Demland (Columbus), Lindsay Caddle Lapointe (Boston), and Nicole Garlando.