Can’t say “Thank You” enough



The only minor hiccup was having to rush over to Giant Eagle at 5:35pm to get snacks and drinks. I pulled back into the  Feverhead parking with supplies at exactly 6:06pm.

Doors open!

The show ended at exactly 9:36pm! (Thanks to Emma Frankart for noticing and telling me.)

I’m sincerely grateful to all who showcased their talent, to those who showed up to experience it, and to all those that helped out behind the scenes to make it happen.

Such an excellent group of professionals. Ready to go with so little direction. GRATITUDE!!!

Here is a list of the night’s artists and the order of performances:


Jan Avende
–performing all original compositions on guitar

Glory Hole is Jason Carl Crase &  Phil Brown Dupont
–witty and biting love songs from the early-to-mid 20th century songbook, with Jason singing and Phil accompanying on piano

Bloodthirsty Virgins is Scott Gorsuch and Nikki Wonder
–guitar slinging duo singing songs of love and revenge, Western-movie style

Waist High & Elbow Deep: nurture
Facilitation & Writing by MeganPitcher
Performers: Lindsay Phillips, Megan Pitcher, and Guests
MegLouise /
* special thanks to Lilly Handmade Chocolate



Title: Delivery
Choreographer: Anna Brown Massey
Performers: Us
Music: Andy Gallagher

Choreographers and Performers: Leigh Lotocki and Sharon Udoh
Music: H.S.K.T. by Sylvan Esso


Title: You Can Be Plural and Maybe You Might
Choreographer and Performer: Michael J. Morris
Music: Say You Love Me by Jessie Ware

Title: Pinsel (film)
Created by: Jess Cavender
A filmic meditation on the choreographed painting process

Title: bus people (video)
Created by: Nicole Garlando
Featuring: CoCo Loupe

Title: 1, two, many
Choreographer and Performer: Nicole Garlando
Performer: Mihwa Koo
Music: Tawanda Chabikwa

Title: Pacing 45
Choreographer and Performer- Rashana Smith
Music: “Catalog” by The Octopus Project


Title: The Trulie Awesome Show: A Letter Penned
Choreographer and Performer: Trulie Scrumptious
Music: Totalie Awesome


Title: one or more (percussion)
Performer: Noah Demland + friends: justin fitch, nicole garlando, melanie holm, leigh lotocki, michael morris, sharon udoh, tanya bils

Thank you all!