Feverhead 2014 Glance Back

We have had a great year of hosting classes, workshops, parties and events, while also offering a safe space for creative exploration for our core group. As of December 2014, that core group consists of:

  • Noah Demland
  • Justin Fitch
  • Eve Hermann
  • Leigh Lotocki
  • Counterfeit Madison
  • Amanda Platt
  • Kat Sauma


Just looking at what we did this past year thrills me. I’m jumping out of my seat about all the fun we had. You are #feverheadtribe making #feverheadspace a thing.



Joey McNamara hosted a New Year’s Day yoga class and continued offering classes as he could through the year until July. If Joey decides to stick around Columbus after he finishes up his studies, we can’t wait to have him back teaching yoga at Feverhead.

Movement with Scotty and Sharona kept on booty shaking until August when Scotty left for Vermont. Sharon continues to hold class, mixing hip hop, African dance, improvisation techniques and her amazing smile. This class is so special to those who take it that Wednesdays are sacred personal space that not even lovers, kids or work stand in the way of. It’s worth checking out! Video by @elfrankart

Nicole Garlando worked on a piece with nine dancers that eventually became “Untitled”. It debuted in Columbus Moving Company‘s choreographic collaboration show Off the Wall in May. She also switched up Tuesdays, teaching the Workshop class alternately with Modern for Adults. She restarted Creative Movement for Kiddos, which was a popular Saturday class for the little humans. She left Feverhead the end of June to prepare for grad school. P.S. Nicole is coming back to teach in January.

Leigh Lotocki taught Ballet for Homeschoolers through the winter. It was an experimental class that provided a non-competitive introduction to traditional ballet for kids who learn outside school. She also took over Technically Speaking and continued to teach it through the entire year. She and Amanda Platt also choreographed a piece and performed it in Off the Wall.

Feverhead hosted an Open House on May 31–complete with raffle gifts, performance/improvisation by Noah Demland’s percussion students, and songs sung by Counterfeit Madison. The night ended with a rockin’ set by corbezzolo, Noah Demland’s punk-rock duo with Marie Corbo. (Follow that link for corbezzolo and buy their EP.) Below are a couple Instagram videos by @elfrankart showing how we play:

Moving and shaking 2 #feverheadtribe

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Nicole, Eve, Sharon, Noah, Justin, Leigh and Scotty all participated in the two-week choreographic residency called Taking Place that happened in late June/early July due to Nicole’s impeccable grant-writing and networking skills. Noah Rogers and Peter Yockel of the Short North Stage provided excellent support for the event. We all took workshops and/or participated in performances choreographed by visiting artists K.J. Holmes, Peter Kyle, CoCo Loupe, Bebe Miller, and Claire Porter. We also had the best damn dance party ever. DJ Moxy Martinez, Counterfeit Madison, Cullen Daniel III, and Noah Demland collaborated for some amazing music to move to.

Here are a few Instagram videos from the dance party. You should have been there.

#takingplacecolumbus #feverheadtribe

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Video by @PhotoFitch

Video by @barbrawrr

Video by @elfrankart

Video by @elfrankart

Sharon and Scotty hosted a Summer Shindig the middle of August to celebrate our Leos (Eve, Noah, and Sharon) AND Scotty’s upcoming move to Vermont for grad school AND Nicole’s venture into grad school. Performances included a duet by Sharon and Scotty, a group dance by their students, dance by Leigh Lotocki’s Technically Speaking class, improvisational percussion led by Noah and another iteration of Nicole’s collaborative/improv piece “Untitled.” Of course, we also lounged up close and personal with Sharon as she serenaded us. Afterwards, the wild rumpus began.


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 Other things that happened throughout the year:

  • Eve Hermann condensed her Everyday Presence workshops from 3 x a month to a once-a-month workshop, holding them January-May.
  • Maree ReMalia visited Feverhead and led Gaga/People classes in March and June.
  • Anne Reilly and Adam Hoyt led an 80s GrooveAsana class, combining instructor-led yoga class, and personal choice free-form dance or yoga practice to music from the 80s.
  • Local actor and dancer Zoe Lathan started offering dance classes targeted to actors in May and taught all through the summer until the end of September.
  • Christopher and Paula Easton of Breathe In and Beyond held a Facilitated Group Intuitive Breathwork  Session. It was an intense and healing experience for all present.
  • We hosted a 2-day workshop by Italian dancer Barbara Stimoli on the art of shibari. She also performed the piece String Theory–an intimate and interactive work dealing with control and response.
  • Tawanda Chabikwa facilitated a four-hour movement/bodied workshop. “Unearthing (again:) the value of the body in creative practice…. [for] anyone who is (always) cultivating deeper ways of relating to, and engaging the body and being.”
  • The end of August Cullen Daniel III brought his healing rhythmic drumming to Feverhead.
  • Blank Canvas hosted a rockin’ networking event.
  • Grupo Unidade Capoeira held a capoeira workshop in September, which led to an ongoing weekly class with Grupo Unidade Capoeira-Columbus.
  • Meghan Western brought in an 8-week baby-wearing dance class so new parents could get some movement.
  • Noah Demland held a zine release party for his summer project Geographies #2, which combined personal reflections and musical pieces composed by Noah.
  • No. 1 Cat, a duo comprised of Scott Gorsuch and Nikki Wonder, performed an early evening set of classic lounge songs. They ended the set with an up-close sit-down guitar rendition of “Tonight You Belong To Me.”



EDITED TO ADD 12/17/2014

  • Rashana Smith was solely responsible for bringing Barbara Stimoli to us in May. She also facilitated Maree’s presence at Feverhead in March and June. I am grateful for her enthusiasm for Feverhead.


  • Stephanie Rond chose Feverhead for installation of one of her promotional pieces for dangerous impermanence. Unfortunately, we were forced to take it down within minutes by the building owner. We have pictures, though!!



!!!! BRING IT 2015 !!!!

Feverhead would not exist without CoCo Loupe. It was her fevered brainchild in 2011. We have grown, transformed, expanded, explored and learned because of Feverhead. Thank you, CoCo. Always. Always.


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