LOVE, MAGIC || Friday the 13th || February 2015


Friday the 13th, February 2015

COST: $10

Doors open for the gallery at 6:06pm.

  • art  by Stephanie Rond, Kathryn Long, Jess Cavender, Nicole Garlando
  • music by Glory Hole, Bloodthirsty Virgins, Jan Avende
  • dance by MegLouise
  • local and non-local zine table hosted by Noah Demland

Dance performances begin 8:28pm (performance time about 1 hour), including performances by:

  • Buzzy Biddinger from Ohio Wesleyan University, choreography by Rashana Smith
  • Nicole Garlando
  • Leigh Lotocki and Sharon Udoh
  • Anna Brown Massey
  • Michael J. Morris
  • Trulie Scrumptious

The evening ends with a percussion performance by Noah Demland and crew.